Don't even bother making a resolution this Jewish New Year, You won't keep to it.

Doesn't sound like very typical advice from a life coach eh? You see the problem with resolutions is that they are made in haste. We know we have things in life we want to change or improve, quit smoking, get into shape, improve relationships, laugh more, learn more, decrease stress, work or play harder or whatever. But identifying what you want to change and making a resolution out of it will not help.

My advice, don't make a resolution, plan a REVOLUTION!

A resolution is only as good as the resolve. When the inspiration dies down and old habits re-form the resolution reaches a point of dissolution. A revolution on the other hand is powered by idealism and the will to up heave the current status quo. This takes planning. By creating an ACTION PLAN by following the steps below, you very well may achieve your goal and succeed in turning part of your life around – In other words a REVOLUTION:

1. Practical targets – Ask yourself if; "Is this goal practical?" and "Is it my priority?"

2. Steps to achievement – Ask yourself; "What will I have to do and what will I need in order to achieve my goal?" Make sure to plan your actions step by step.

3. Time Frame – Set yourself time limits in which to fulfill your steps in Number 2. We all work best when we know there is a deadline.
4. Make yourself accountable – Assign a friend or coach to report your progress to upon completion of each step. Either send them a text or email to update them on your progress. They should follow up with you if they don't hear from you. This assignee should also motivate and encourage you along the way.

Happy New Year