It is said that you (hairdressers and beauticians) are the happiest people in the work force. Whether that is true or not I don't know, but what I do know is that you are among the bravest.

As self employed professionals in the fast evolving beauty industry, you face a number of challenges. You compete with big name salons, you must market yourself and your services professionally to maintain and find more business, and you need to keep up to date with current styles, fashions and techniques. 

You sometimes say to yourself, "I'm not good enough to succeed" or " It's impossible to compete in such a business by myself"

There may even be days when you doubt yourself further and ask, "Is the slog even worth it?"  And "Is it time to throw in the towel and try something else or join a local salon?"

In the world of coaching, these questions are known as "Self Limiting Beliefs" or simply labeled, "The Saboteur." We all know the saboteur intimately. It is the voice inside that tells you, "You can't" and "Who are you trying to kid?" It is the shrinking feeling you get inside when you have a new idea or goal that you want to implement but dismiss as an unrealistic fantasy.

Identifying your saboteur is the first step to overpowering it and freeing yourself and your dreams from its clutches and achieving satisfying success.

Write down on a piece of paper (or phone or computer) the challenges from the voice inside that seek to discourage you from thinking about your success or working towards it. Do this for a week.  Here is a sample of what you might come up with:



Saboteur Says…

I thought…

You don't have the technical skills or experience.

I would like to offer new services to existing and potential clients.

You are out of your league, they would never want you.

I would like to approach so and so and her friends and offer them my services.

Come on. You know you don't have enough confidence for something like that.

I am going to write an article in the paper, start a blog or speak on a radio program.



Here you can identify 3 common self limiting beliefs:

1. I am not skilled or experienced enough.
2. People don't view me as professional.
3. I don't have strong enough self esteem and confidence.

The error of upholding these beliefs is that they are not based on facts but rather fears. Next to the saboteur's challenge write down a counter challenge. Think hard if one doesn't come immediately. Here are example counter challenges to the above saboteur that represent the truth about you:

1. You are qualified.
2. Your current clients like your work and think it is professional that's why they make a next appointment.
3. You have been confident in the past and have examples to prove it.

Reading these affirmations about you and your practice, help you to silence the saboteur's claims against you. You are free to continue making plans to achieve your given goals.

Even if you find that there is an inkling of truth behind the saboteur's challenges, that does not mean your goal is D.O.A. With a few simple steps you can get support from a fellow professional to perfect new techniques, Practice and hone networking and marketing skills and even strengthen your self esteem and self confidence.

Barriers to success only hold you back when you don't see a way around, over or through them. You are incredibly talented and able to achieve your goals. When you decide to topple your saboteur you will find that success is built through one small gain after the other. Don't let anything hold you back from your success!



Are you Sabotaging your Own Success?